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Letter from our Scout Executive

Dear Scouters,

We are about to begin yet another program year for Scouting and I am excited.  We have the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child.  WE can provide them a quality program that can have a marked impact on the life of a child.  

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Council Calendar


1          Labor Day – Council Store and Office Closed

2          T - District Committee meeting

3          HA – Roundtable

3          MA – Roundtable

3          PW – District Commissioner / District Committee 

4          PB – District Committee

4          L – District Committee / District Commissioener

6          C – Show & Sell Distribution

6-7       C - Teen Rendezvous

9          T – District Commissioner / Roundtable / OA

10        MA – District Committee

10        HA – District Commissioner / District Committee

10        PW Roundtable / OA

11        PB – Roundtable / District Commissioner

11        L – Roundtable / OA

12        C – Basic Training (CS)

13        C – Commissioner Conference

13        C – Basic Training (BS, VS)

16        C – Commissioner Cabinet

17        MA – District Commissioner

17        C – Executive Board

18        C – Training Committee

19-21   C - Wood Badge Weekend #1

20        C – Chartered Organization Representative Training

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Scouting for Food

The Fall has arrived and Scouting for Food is coming upon us soon!

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Upcoming Change in Unit Registration Status

A change in the reporting of membership data on national membership reports will be effective Jan. 1, 2015.

Starting then, a unit that has not reregistered by its expiration date will be considered “separated” and immediately dropped from the BSA’s membership reporting. There will no longer be what we now call a lapse period for units that do not reregister on time.

We will no longer use the term “lapsed” for a unit that has not renewed. This is also a change in the way we currently report membership totals. Currently a lapsed unit’s membership continues to be counted for 60 days in council membership totals.

The new definition will begin with units that have an effective date of Jan. 1, 2015. This means that units with a Dec. 31, 2014, expiration date will be included.  Volunteers will retain access to MyScouting, my.Scouting Tools, Internet Rechartering, and Internet Advancement for 30 days after their unit has expired and become separated.  A separated unit will have 12 months to reregister as a separated-reregistered unit. Once a separated unit has been reregistered, the unit will be included on membership reports starting in the business month the charter renewal was posted.

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Planning for your Fall Recruitment


The BADGE OF HONOR fall recruitment campaign is a concerted recruiting effort by the Council and district Membership committees, taking place in September and October in all school systems – private, public, and parochial.  One evening is designated for all parents to gather at a BADGE OF HONOR location to align themselves and their son(s) with the Boy Scouts of America through an existing or new pack or troop.


BADGE OF HONOR means membership, and for all Scouting leaders, membership is registration in the Boy Scouts of America – giving young people an opportunity to participate in a program that has been tried and proved.  It is reaching out to families who have eligible boys and inviting them to join.  It’s organizing new groups, dens, and/or patrols and recruiting qualified leadership.  GOOD membership is a sign of a healthy pack or troop and a quality pack or troop program.

Remember, adding boys means a better Tiger Cub, Cub Scout, and/or Boy Scout program for all, more families involved, more exciting things to do, and more friendships made.  Adding families means more people involved in your chartered organization, and more leaders.  Adding leaders means more hands to help and more personal satisfaction.

Flyer requests forms will be sent to the Cubmaster of each of the Cub Scout Packs in the Council.  Be sure your pack’s request has been submitted.  

Travis Manion Heroes Run

Bucks County Council, BSA & the Travis Manion Foundation are pleased to announce a partnership for the 9/11 Heroes Run in Bucks County!

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Family FOS Gold Card Status

Congratulations to all of our units who have achieved Gold Card Status for their 2014 Family FOS Campaign!

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Is your unit pin up to date?

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The hope at the heart of Adopt-a-School is to build strong, sustaining relationships with schools…creating thousands of lasting community partnerships across the U.S. 

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Gold, Silver, or Bronze? Where will your unit end?

Recharter time is just around the corner and with it comes the year end evaluation of your unit’s program…Journey to Excellence.

NOW is the time to review your scoresheet for Journey to Excellence.  You still have time to have an impact on your unit’s score. 

Don’t miss out on the chance to be reconized at a higher level because you did not realize you could earn more points.

Review your Journey to Excellence scoresheet today!  

Commissioner Conference

2014 Commissioner Conference

Saturday, September 13
Holy Family University
Newtown Campus
1 Campus Drive
Newtown, PA 18940

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Powered by Popcorn

Popcorn is coming and Council Kernel Adrienne Rubin is Popping with excitement about this year’s sale! Popcorn enables your unit to do the things you want without having to do numerous fund raisers.  

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From the Advancement Committee

CONGRATULATIONS James Trontell (Troop 200 – Hunterdon Arrowhead District) for being awarded the Medal of Merit Award for assisting a family involved in a car accident in February, 2014. 

Attention Propsepctive Eagle Scouts:  As a reminder, when submitting your application and packet to the Council Office, please do not your put paperwork it in a binder or use page protectors.  They will not be returned when you pick up your Eagle Certificate.

Attention Merit Badge Counselors:  Lists for all districts are currently being updated.  As a reminder, all MBC are required to complete an MBC Information Form (example attached)  as well as a BSA adult application with disclosure page, and be current in youth protection training.  Once membership and ypt are confirmed, MBC information sheets are sent to the respective District Advancement Chairs for approval.    The same procedure will be used for STEM/NOVA Counselors.

Important Info from the Scout Shop

Hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm, Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 9am-1pm  

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Enterprise Risk Management

The purpose of the Bucks County Council’s Enterprise Risk Management Committee is to ensure that all scouting activities are conducted safely.  The adventure of scouting activities often includes a certain level of real or implied risk. Rather than diminish the thrill of new experiences, the leaders must be able to recognize the risks and hazards and develop plans to manage and minimize these risks.                                         

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Pennsbury District 

District Chairman                    Jim Otto                                  [email protected]

Asst. Dist Commissioner       Walt Bujak                               [email protected]

Asst. Dist Commissioner        Charlie Palilonis                      [email protected]

Senior District Executive        Joel Perkins                            [email protected]

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CUB SCOUT PACKS!   Thank you to all who attended our Ice Cream Social!  We had eight of our fourteen packs represented and we hope everyone there got something out of it.  We ask you to please review the materials that were distributed and be mindful of the timelines.  We already have plenty of flyer requests and OPEN HOUSE dates scheduled and we definitely appreciate that!  If you have any questions or need help, please contact Joel Perkins at [email protected] or John Blewitt at [email protected].

There are 30 schools located within our district… Imagine if we recruited just 10 kids out of each school; we’d have 300 new Cub Scouts this fall!

Playwicki District

District Chairman           Bill Pitts                           [email protected]

District Commissioner    Russ Kantner                [email protected]

District Director              Tyler Yankey                   [email protected]

District Committee: First Wednesday of each month beginning at 8pm.  Meetings are held at Lutheran Church of God’s Love, 791 Newtown Yardley Rd. in Newtown.

District Commissioners: First Wednesday of each month beginning at 7pm.  Meetings are held at Lutheran Church of God’s Love, 791 Newtown Yardley Rd. in Newtown. 

Roundtable: Second Wednesday of each month beginning at 7:30pm.  Roundtable is held at Crossings Community Church, 80 Lower Silver Lake Rd. in Newtown.

Read more Playwicki District News!

More info on Playwicki District Activities here

Lenape District

District Chairman          Tom Rowland           [email protected]

District Commissioner   Doug Pedersen        [email protected]

District Executive          VACANT

Read: Sean Friedland leaves Lenape District

Tohpendel District

District Chairman          Frank Carroll             [email protected]

District Commissioner   Bruce Cattie             [email protected]

District Executive          A.J. Esposito            [email protected]

Read more about Tohpendel District here

Mercer Area District

District Chairman          Richard Pfaltzgraff      [email protected]             609-915-0512

District Commissioner   David Mitchko            [email protected]                  609-532-0336

District Executive          Tanasha Scott            [email protected]            215-317-7631

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Hunterdon Arrowhead District

District Chairman                    Doug Clabough           [email protected]

District Commissioner            John Burgess              [email protected]

Senior District Executive        John Erskine               [email protected]

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2015 Summer Camp

Thank you to everyone for a great 2014 camping season at OSR!  We are very proud to deliver high quality programs to your youth and we are grateful many of you chose to spend the 2014 camping season with us.  

Many of you have already submitted your deposit for the 2015 camping season at OSR and we are excited to have you!

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There is still time to register!  Download our 2015 Unit Registration form and submit it.  We look forward to seeing you in 2015.

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Eagles' Nest NYLT

Two Weekend Course
November 7th to 9th & November 14th to 16th
Ockanickon Scout Reservation

Do you have Scouts that are ready to experience NYLT?  Eagles' Nest NYLT centers around the concepts of what a leader must BE, what he/she must KNOW, and what he/she must DO.  The key elements are then taught with a clear focus of HOW TO.

Download the Registration Form