Congratulations, new Ordeal member! You are the future of this lodge, and we hope that you continue to remain active in our Order. The “Seeking the Arrow Award” seeks to encourage further participation in the lodge after your Ordeal ceremony. Recipients of this award receive a special pin, which is only able to be earned during your first year as a member of our lodge. We strongly encourage you to attain this award, as it will help expose you to all that our lodge has to offer.

The pin cannot be purchased, only earned, and is worn on the collar of your Scout uniform. No Arrowman who has not completed the requirements for our Seeking the Arrow Award will ever receive this pin.

The requirements for the award are listed below. Using this sheet, get signatures from the Lodge Chief, the Lodge Adviser, your Chapter Chief or Adviser, or, where appropriate, a committee chairman. Your Scoutmaster should sign off on Requirement 3 only; he can not sign off on any other requirement. Then, turn in this form to Chris Fosmire for recording.

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