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Earth Center for the Arts in Tyler State Park

The Earth Center for the Arts in Tyler State Park is offering Pottery Merit Badge by appointment.  The whole course costs $15 per person and includes all materials.  Call Jennifer Miller at 267-218-0290 or [email protected].

Cub Units may also call to arrange crafts program that include pottery, beadwork, fiber crafts, and glass staining.

Hatboro YMCA

The Hatboro YMCA offers pool rentals for a reasonable rate to units.
Prices for an Evening ($50 minimum): $5.00 per person, a discount is available for groups of more than 15.
A lifeguard is available for $20 a session.


Newtown Township Parks & Recreation

Newtown Township Parks & Recreation Department offers a variety of workshops for individual Scouts and units. Programs can be tailored to fulfill specific merit badge requirements. See packet for course details and registration information.

Women's Humane Society

Wednesdays 6-7 PM, $25 per troop, shelter tour included.  Maximum size: 22 youth.

Tiger Cubs [grade 1]

Whiskers - Felt-board story about the abandonment of a cat, its care at our shelter, and its eventual adoption.  The story explains the dangers for an outdoor cat, the health exam at our shelter, and the products needed to make the cat happy in its new home.  It emphasizes the point: “never touch strange animals.”

 Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts [grades 2 through 5]

Basic pet care – Actual pet products are used to demonstrate what is good, not-so-great and possibly dangerous to animals.  This program is fun and interactive. Depending on time, safety around dogs may be included.

 Boy Scouting [age about 10.5 until 18]

Pet Care— Practical pet care will be taught through an audience participation program including information on how to choose a pet and responsible pet ownership.

Pet Health— Students will gain information on vaccinations for diseases and which diseases are zoonotic, basic grooming, nutrition, and training.

 Dog Behavior & Safety around dogs — The program focuses on dog body language, bite prevention and personal safety around dogs.

 Eagle Scout Projects

WHS has had a successful history or working with Scouts who want to earn their Eagles Badge.  Projects that have been completed already are: New street sign erected and bushes planted; new benches and picnic tables built; newspaper storage bin built, and more.  

If you’re interested in doing a project for us, please contact Janice Mininberg at 215-750-3100 ext 34.