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Ockanickon Short-Term Camping Program

The Ockanickon Campmaster Corps has a long and proud tradition of continuing to deliver on the promise of great program and quality camping for the months when Summer Camp is not in session. Camping weekends are available to units year round and the Campmaster Corps provides both support and program services to units who participate in weekend and short term camping.

What are the Responsibilities of the Campmaster Corps?

The Campmaster Corps manages unit check-in and check-out, provides basic emergency care, inspects sites for health and safety, provides tours of camp and facilities and in many cases also offers unit program. Campmastering is often a relaxing and fulfilling experience but the needs of the camp and its guests come first.

How is the Campmaster Corps organized?

The Campmaster Corps is organized by crews whose chosen crew chief picks weekends during which that crew will manage the camp. The Corps as a whole is managed by Don Wiater under the supervision of the Camp Director. Crews contain a minimum of 3 people based on availability of members, needs of the camp and amount of program offered by the crew.

Corps members must be an adult with current BSA registration and must have completed Youth Protection Training. New crews typically train with an experienced crew until the crew feels comfortable to manage Campmaster responsibilities. Corps members must also be familiar with the Ockanickon Camp and its program and be confident in answering questions about camp program. Those not familiar with the camp program are encouraged to read the Program and Leaders Guide.

How Do I Sign Up?

Please contact Don Wiater for more information or fill out inquiry here

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